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Cometic Multi Layer Steel (MLS) Custom Head Gaskets


Most BB $165.00 PAIR      Most SB $155.00 PAIR


Cometic MLS Custom  Head Gaskets are comprised of three layers of stainless steel.  Cometic uses Stainless Steel for added strength , it's ability to rebound and it's natural resistance to corrosion.  They're constructed of 3-5 layers, the outer layers being .010 embossed stainless with a Viton Coating on both sides giving each layer a finish thickness of .010 and the inner core being of a variable thickness of flat Stainless to achieve the desired compressed thickness from .027 to .100.  This unique construction allows you to fine tune your Compression Ratio, Valve to Piston or Piston to Cylinder Head clearances to exacting tolerances.  

The Viton Rubber Coating or in technical terms, Flouroelastomer Rubber Based Material will easily handle temperatures from 250 to 480*F.

The composition of these gaskets along with the interlocking embossments create unsurpassed sealing properties making Cometic MLS Head Gaskets the ultimate choice for today's all Aluminum, Aluminum heads to Steel block and the traditional Steel on Steel engines.

Aluminum expands and contracts 1.7 times faster than steel, this causes tremendous shearing forces between the Aluminum head and the steel block attacking the structure of the gasket, trying to actually rip the gasket apart as the temperatures move up and down.  In the past Copper O-ring gaskets were the solution to big power on multi material engines, today we achieve superb sealing and longevity that is unheard of even with the traditional Copper Gaskets and especially composite gasket materials.  These gaskets will not work harden, they will not push between cylinders like a convention composite gasket and if installed and handled correctly they can be re-used.  The unique design and the properties of the Stainless Steel material promotes even loading for a superior seal, reduced brindling in the head and reduced bore distortion.  Copper gaskets are prone to work hardening in stressed areas causing hard spots and uneven tork loads which will eventually cause distortion of the bores and the cylinder head itself, these issues are resolved with the Cometic MLS Head Gaskets.

Re-torking of head bolts is history, the only time you would retork these gaskets would be on new STOCK head bolts, high quality bolts or seasoned factory bolts should not require a re-tork.

All Cometic MLS Gaskets are custom cut to Your Bore Size, unlike conventional composite gasket manufacturers who consider "One Size Fit's All" as  close enough.  I have news for those manufacturers, close is not good enough in our shop.  Engine bores of 3.910 do not use a 4.180 bore gasket.  We want the correct calculated compression in the motor not .1 less because of a incorrectly designed gasket.

Good machining is critical in achieving a proper seal when using a Cometic MLS gasket a recommended, a RMS 36 or 80 MA finish is recommended, any quality machine shop can achieve this finish quality and it shouldn't cost any more.

Available for most domestic applications as well as Imports from cars to Motorcycles, ATV's and Snow Machines.

Perfect for all Naturally Aspirated, Supercharged, Turbo Charged and Nitrous Motors.

Available thickness: .027-.030-.036-.040-.045-.051-.060-.065-.071-.074-.098

CFM-20 Perforated Steel Core with Viton coating available in .043, .051 and .059 material Call for Pricing.

Installation Instructions

Cometic MLS gaskets install just as the old style composite material gasket.
Be sure the head and deck surfaces are machined to an adequate finish as detailed above.
If in doubt we recommend using a couple of light coats of Permatex Coppercoat to ensure a good water seal.
Be sure and cycle new bolts as per manufacturers specifications

If any water seepage should occur allow the engine to heat cycle a few times, most likely it will seal itself once the gaskets form to the head and deck.  If it continues to seep add a can of Justice Brothers Radiator Pepper Based Sealer Part # RSL/2 about $7.00 to the cooling system.
Tork to bolt manufacturers specifications, re-tork should not be required with aftermarket ARP bolts or studs if cycling instructions are followed.

ARP, Justice Bros., Permatex, Coppercoat are registered trade marks and used for reference purposes only and recommended by FBO based on personal experience working with this product.


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ATTENTION: Machine Shops and Engine Builders-CALL For our Special Pricing Program

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