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The Quicker Car Gets ............ Lane Choice

Big & Small Block Super Street As Cast Factory Style Mopar Distributors (Imported)

2 Year Limited Warranty on Super Street Distributor

5 Years on ECU and Coil

Small Block  

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Including 318 & Poly



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Include HRR688 ECU Kit $539.00




Low Deck B Block

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Include HRR688 ECU Kit $579.00



RB 413-440 Block

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Including Hemi



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Include HRR688 ECU Kit $539.00


Four Awesome Performance Street or Strip curves for Maximum Performance, Efficiency and Engine Life

SS1-Super Street

Cam Duration at 50:  stock to 218

SS2-Super Street

Cam Duration at 50:  218-230

SS3-Super Street

Cam Duration at 50:  232-240

SS4 Super Street

Cam Duration at 50:  242-248


Easily adjustable with our exclusive J685 Limiter plates already installed, spring adjustments already set up, and an adjustable Vacuum Canister.

(Additional springs will be included)


Need help choosing the correct one for your application?

Just call Dana or Don we'll be happy to help you choose the best choice for your specific application.



When placing your order please have the following information accessible.

Vehicle Year, Make, and Model

Engine Size








Compression Ratio

Cam Duration at.050


Converter Stall

Rear End Ratio

Carb Type

Ignition Box

Iron or Aluminum Cylinder heads


Adjustable Vacuum Canisters

12-24" is the operating range of a Standard/Stock  Vacuum Canister. Our exclusive custom Built 5"-10" Canisters designed for Big Cam Street applications. Duration at .050 of 248 and bigger street driven HP Vehicles

Cleaner Idle, cooler engine temps, easier starts, better fuel economy adds life to your engine.

Available for all Mopar Distributors

Custom Built 5" Vacuum Can add $89.00

Spring Kit and Plate-Included

Spring Kit Included, our patented 6 Position J685 Limiter Disc is already installed in these distributors and we include the spring kit so you could fine tune the timing events to your preference if needed.

Fits all Mopar appearing distributors including points and /6 applications.


Can be purchased separately at $61.00



Team it up with One of Our Made in USA Ignition Control Boxes

FBO HRR688 REV Limiter ECU

Inductive Ignition

Daytona Sensors

CD1 and CD-Pro

Capacitive Ignition

Naturally Aspirated Engines


REV limit to 7000 RPM


  • 44KV Out Put On demand

  • Built In Rev Limiter, Externally Adjustable

  • Start sensor technology to increase Coil Voltage when cranking for quicker starts

  • No Ballast Resistor

  • 6061 Billet Al. CnC Machined Housing

  • Bolts in Original Mopar Mounting Holes

  • Plug & Play to Stock Mopar Electronic Wire Harness

  • Self Diagnostic System with LED OK Indicator

  • Triggers Off Any Magnetic Pick-Up Type Distributor

  • Boxes Machined in Florida

  • Terminals machined in Oregon

  • Electronic components built in California

  • Assembled in Florida/Oregon

  • Easy Replacement for Mopar, Ford Duraspark, IH, AMC, Early Nissan or any other 4 pin electronic ignition.

American Made by Skilled American Craftsmen

5 Year Warranty on ECU & Coil

Best in the industry


REV Limiter starts at 0=5200

Each click is 200 RPM Increase

9=7000 RPM


Red LED Status light performs a self diagnostic test and illuminates in less than 1/2 second with a red OK Indicator.


During crank it flashes with each signal generated by the magnetic trigger. Appears solid when engine is running.  Also lights up solid red when key is in run position.

Ignition Box With Coil $307.00

Ignition Box With Coil and SS Distributor $539.00

Oregon is a Sales Tax Free State

You will not be charged Sales Tax by us.

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There’s no question that technology advances at an incredible rate. And it comes in both brand new parts and revised versions of tried and true classics. The trickledown from the high-levels of stock car racing allows the Saturday night racer to indirectly reap the benefits of many hours of R&D and engineering performed by the manufacturers and top-tier race teams.  When it comes to ignition boxes, Daytona Sensors has packed their CD-1 ignition system with loads of highly technical features for all forms of race and street performance.

Daytona Sensors’ CD-1 ignition system is a capacitive discharge ignition system designed to work with four-, six-, and eight-cylinder engines, and has programmable features for all kinds of racing as well as street applications, with both nitrous and boost options. The system has PC programmable advance features ranging from a simple rpm-based advance curve to a 3D timing map with boost proportional retard (although boost, nitrous, launch rpm, and some other features are not relevant in the circle track world).

Daytona Sensors’ CD-1 ignition system boasts a 135 mJ spark energy output, yet draws less than 5 amps at 8,000 rpm. This patented design is rated for continuous operation at 8,500 rpm 85 degrees C (185 degrees F). If that isn’t tough enough, the system is sealed, vibration proof, waterproof and comes with a 12-pin Deutsch connector used for signal connections. A benefit of being waterproof is that you can clean your race car without having to remove the ignition system. Daytona Sensors uses fully encapsulated construction with surface mount electronics.

The rev limiters are easily adjustable in 100-rpm increments from 3,000 to 10,900 rpm. Simply set each of the two knobs on the Max RPM, add 1,000 rpm, and the limiter is set. The basic functions of this box can be used by simply wiring the box into your race car with 6 wires—power, ground, ignition switch, tach lead, and two distributor connections. Simply remove the wires you aren’t using, insert the supplied plugs to keep the connector waterproof, and you’re ready to go.

The system has one general-purpose input and two general-purpose input/output terminals. Inputs can be programmed for high gear retard, burnout rpm limit, vehicle speed sensor, and throttle position sensor (along with a bunch of other stuff circle track racers usually don’t use), and everything can be data logged. The built-in data logging capability has 16 MB DataFLASH memory, which holds a lot of data. How about 100 samples per second for 6 minutes!

CD-1 or CD-Pro Ignition Box with Coil, Cable & software 

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FBO Systems Strives To Provide Our Customers The Highest Quality Ignition Products Possible

FBO Systems warrants each new product to be free from defects in both workmanship and components for a Minimum period of one (1) year.  Products vary with up to a 5 year warranty (HRR688) and on many other items from the date of purchase to the original purchaser, provided that the product is properly installed, subjected to intended use and service, and that the product is not modified or changed in any way, nor damaged because of negligence by customer.

Customers who believe they have a defective product should first contact FBO Systems at 541-942-5920 (8am to 3pm
PST Monday to Thursday) and speak with a technical representative.  We find in most cases that problems with our products can be solved directly over the telephone through detailed technical troubleshooting.  It is very rare that a product would have to be returned to the factory.  However, if the product does need to be sent back to FBO Systems, our representative will issue an RMA Number.

The product should be returned directly to the factory with the RMA Number on the outside of the box, along with proof of purchase or purchase date (year is fine) and a detailed description of the problem. The product must be returned freight prepaid. If a thorough inspection of the product by the factory indicates defects in workmanship or material, our sole obligation shall be to repair or replace the product.  Warranty covers only the product itself and not the cost of installation or removal. Our warranty service and repair facility address can be found on the Contact Page

FBO Systems shall not be liable for any and all consequential damages occasioned by the breach of any written or implied warranty pertaining to this sale in excess of the purchase price of the product sold. If you have any questions regarding a product or installation, please contact our Technical Service Department.

Off-Highway Use:  Many of the parts described or listed herein are designed for off-highway use only.  Installation of “off-highway” parts may impair your vehicle’s emission control system performance.  Some of these parts should not be installed on any vehicle used on any street or highway. Any installation as such could adversely affect the warranty coverage for a non-street or highway vehicle and violates state and/or federal emission laws.  

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