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Original GM HEI Distributors For Street or Strip Performance

Bring Your 502 GM Crate Motor or Any GM Performance

Crate Engine to Life!

We load tested a stock as supplied GM HEI distributor from a 502/502 Crate Motor

The results are shown in the table below, the aftermath was a time slip at 12 MPH Faster and an ET  .4 quicker! Shift point at 5500

The Blue Line indicates output to 8,000 RPM with Pertronix Ignitor 3

The engineering wizards at GM designed and built your GM HEI distributor to run for 250,000 miles and they Do It Easily.  You can find all sorts of supposedly New and Improved offshore replacements from China, Australia, Taiwan, India and other places around the world but from our testing NONE of them compare to your Genuine GM Part in quality, craftsmanship, fit and finish, performance and longevity. 

The Pertronix HEI with either the Race Only or Street Strip Modules work very well whether installed in your Original GM distributor or the Pertronix HEI unit.

In either variety the detent that holds total timing will slip and allow the advance to jump ahead at about 62-6400 RPM, when this happens it could be catastrophic or at least make the car very inconsistent...... We Fix That!

Always inspect your "Crate Motors Distributor" most are being delivered with a imitation Chinese HEI import distributors, throw it as far away as you can from your new motor. We Fix That!

None are curved for optimum performance and None has a good enough module to run your motor to it's optimal performance level. We Fix that!

The stock GM Modules and coils are not up to the task of firing your 500-600+ HP Hot Rod to 7-9,000 RPM or adjustable to get the timing events correct for your Performance camshaft and higher compression ratios.  That's where we come in, changing the module, coil and setting up the timing events and vacuum controls to meet the demands of your modified GM Motor to insure top performance and most of all the longevity of your investment. Today's fuels are not formulated to run in a 40 year old engine design, timing events are one of the biggest improvements you can make to your old school Hot Rod.

Note: We will not accept a import HEI distributor as a core they have zero value. 













HEI stock replacement type Distributors W/Vac Advance and Ignitor 3 technology with REV Limiter.

HP 50KV Coil

Machine Polished Housing


Pertronix HEI with:

  • Polished housing
  • Exclusive FBO Advance Limiter System
  • 50KV Coil
  • Rev Limiter set
  • Black Red or Blue Cap

Ready to install    Call for pricing.

  • Chevy Small Cap Style

  • External Coil

Ignitor III



 These Flame-Thrower plug and play billet distributors with Ignitor III ® module are designed to provide maximum ignition performance and easy installation. Upgrade your outdated points or stock electronic distributor with a performance-proven unit.

Most GM Applications

  • Chevy

  • Pontiac

  • Buick

  • Olds

  • Cadillac

Available with Black or Red Cap and Pin/Male or Socket/Female type Caps.

Not compatible with CD Type Multi Spark Ignition Boxes.

 Ignitor III distributors feature the patented Ignitor III® electronic ignition module and a CNC-machined 6061 polished billet housing. Pertronix Ignitor III distributors are NOT compatible with multi-spark CD ignition boxes. Additional features: tempered shaft, upper roller bearing and an oil-impregnated sintered bronze lower bushing, All our Pertronix Distributors come with the FBO improved Machined Advance Limiter System for absolute accuracy and guaranteed to repeat the mechanical advance timing events.

*Multi Spark through full RPM Range

*Start sensor to increase cranking voltage

*Built in REV Limiter- Set to your spec

Chevy SB and BB

FBO Mechanical Advance Limiter System, phased and curved to your application.

Call for pricing.

  • Includes Correct Coil

  • Full set up Mechanical and Vacuum timing events







GM HEI Distributor Service Phase and Curve for Street or Strip


We do not work on Chinese imported HEI distributors.

They have major issues and many of them can and will cause permanent engine damage.. BEWARE!!!!


Street Master HEI

Remanufactured By


  • With Adjustable Vac Canister

  • Cams with up to 242 at 50 Duration

  • Street/Strip application

  • Max RPM 5800-7000

  • If your engine makes 10" of Manifold Vacuum or more at Idle with 30* of timing at Idle, then you will greatly benefit from using a properly set-up Vac Can connected to MANIFOLD/CONSTANT Vac.


Most GM Applications

  • Chevy
  • Pontiac
  • Buick
  • Olds
  • Cadillac



All these distributors are Custom re-built from original GM cores. All electronics and timing events are updated to achieve maximum performance on today's fuels. Positive stops are installed in all GM distributors to prevent timing jumps and over timing. 

We use either Pertronix Modules.  Distributors can be set up to trigger CD1, Crane or MSD Ignition Boxes.

Call for pricing.

Core Charge $50.00

MUST be a GM HEI Core

No Chinese Import distributors accepted as a cores



***Prices do not include Melonite or Bronze gears for Roller Cam Applications call for pricing

Bring your 502 to Life! With The

Pertronix Ignitor III


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