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New Product:  FBO Lane Choice Low Signal 5" Vacuum Canister for your Pro-Street BB Mopar Part # VC-1BB

As we continue to lead the Mopar Ignition Industry by developing new and innovative Mopar Ignition Products to keep up with ever changing fuel formulations we are proud to introduce our latest performance product

 VC-2 SB Small Block Mopar VC-1 BB Big Block Mopar Low vacuum signal canister for the big cam, pump gas Pro-Street motors.


MSD and HEI style


This Vacuum Canister will delivers up to 10-20* advance with vacuum signals in the 5"-12" level to get a cleaner, smoother Idle, better fuel economy, helps stop internal carbon buildup,  cleans up that rich stinky idle,  off idle stumble, better quicker throttle response, improve fuel economy at cruise, easier and quicker starts, keeps your oil cleaner between changes and helps prevent early engine failure.

Mopar Big and Small block


GM HEI, MSD, GM small cap points style distributors


Ford also available we need your core allow 2 weeks to build

We can also refurbish almost any distributor Vacuum Canister Domestic or Import, we just need your core.


This product carries a limited 5 YEAR WARRANTY on workmanship

Designed and engineered in house and as always

Proudly Made In America

Don't get cheated!

The large hex shape of the inlet end of the canister tells you by SAE standards that it is supposed to be an adjustable can, but is it? ..... we cut them open and found they saved a few pennies by removing the adjuster screw and piston, so you think you have an adjustable can when in fact it's NOT!  They're all doing it erratically you never know what you've got until you try and adjust it. Screwed again..... without even so much as a little kiss.

In order to cut costs by a few more pennies the imports have gone to a plastic adjusting piston with a threaded hole. Very Easy to strip the plastic threads

Mopar spec is a Steel Piston, threaded to accommodate the adjusting screw, You won't strip the threads trying to adjust it.

Can you see why the can is the shape it is?  It holds that piston square to the mechanism. the cans that are shaped more like a funnel with No hex and NON-Adjustable

Note the size of the OEM screw compared to the imported style.

Stock replacement Vac cans offer a whopping 90 Day Warranty! Now that's backing up your product, 3 whole months!

***Another Item added to a growing list of "Lane Choice Ignition Products" from FBO

Or for $69.00 you can buy a real OEM spec, American Made, Adjustable to read 5-12" of vacuum designed specifically for your Mopar or High Performance Hot Rod.  THE RIGHT ONE!

5 Year Workmanship Limited Warranty

Free Shipping to any US Address

Don't get this


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