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CalTrac Bars from Calvert Racing




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As every Drag Racer knows, consistency Wins Championships. John Calvert has achieved championship status in the highly competitive field of NHRA drag racing. He has 20 plus years of racing experience over every type of track condition imaginable. John has won most of his races in a 1968 Ford 428 cu/in powered Cobra Jet Mustang. He knows the idiosyncrasies and potentials of his car without question; He knows the importance of understanding and fine tuning all the components needed for repeated successful performance. His experience and success over the years with his car provide him with an excellent base line from which to create more efficient modifications. It has in this experimental role that John and his skilled friend Larry Kieser developed the CALTRACS traction enhancement system.

In Stock Class, where John's major racing endeavor has been shaped, NHRA dictates that a maximum of 9" slicks can be used. This presents a racing dilemma to a driver when trying to couple big block power to the ground. The CALTRACS design was developed in John's garage. Brainstorming together, Larry and John created the design and the first model of the system. CALTRACS augments the car and driver potential to specific performance goals while complying with hard set NHRA class parameters.

John's concept won the enthusiastic approval of his family. Two brothers, Keith and Paul and Dad, Bernerd all share a talent and fascination for the world of mechanical engineering. Combined they hold over 75 years of career involvement in Aerospace engineering and production.

 7 out of 10 NHRA 2010 World Champions Ran On

Calvert Suspension

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Track Tested to 1500 HP


New From CalTracs

Triangulated Wheelie Bars

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More information-Measurement chart and more images


Truck Measurement Chart


Track Tested to 1500 HP






Most applications

Special Freight Rates

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Freight discounts only apply to Springs if bars or shocks are orderd

Track Tested to 1500 HP

Most applications-All truck applications add $30.00




PRICE $339.00

Special Freight Rates

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Track Tested to 1500 HP



PRICE $238.00 


Most applications

Special Freight Rates

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Track Tested to 1500 HP



PRICE $118.00 

Most applications

Special Freight Rates

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Caltrac Bars-Mono Leaf Springs-Front and Rear Shocks

Most applications-All Truck applications add $30.00




PRICE $1124.00 

50% off Freight


Calvert no longer sells the Rancho Brand shocks, they bought the manufacturing rights and they are now made exclusively for Calvert Racing Products By Calvert with the Calvert Label.




PRICE $1006.00 

Bars-Shocks and Mono Leafs

Most applications-All Truck applications add $30.00




From Sea to Shining Sea

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These Shipping examples cover most areas of:

Blue Zone... $50.00

White Zone. $41.00

Red Zone.... $33.00
Rear Kit- Bars-Springs & Rear Shocks

UPS Ground Rates

PRICE $1093.00
Caltracs Bars - Mono Leaf Springs
Front and Rear Shocks
Most Applications
**Add $30.00 for all Truck Applications


Florida Residence Save Over $120.00

$60 on Taxes and $60 on Freight
All Shipping discounts apply to UPS ground rates Only

PRICE $975.00
Bars, Shocks and Mono Leafs
Most Applications




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Cars $339.00

Trucks $369.00




Freight discounts also apply to all Calvert accessories


Please don't rely on the internet for advise on using the SS Springs with our Caltrac Bars.  If you're happy with the ride height of the SS springs then you can stay with them.  You'll get better results if you clamp (see below for clamps) the rear segments together to help minimize rear body separation. Go ahead and start with the SS spring if they're already on the car.  If you want to lower the car then you can make the switch to our Split Mono Leafs. Which as everyone knows are lighter and weight transfer improves as you lower the car.



1" Lowering Block Kit


Price: $50.00/ Pair

Low Profile 1 Hole Front Pivot Plates
(Plates Only)

Front Spring Eye Type:
- Standard Eye
- Mid Eye

Price: $40.00/ Set

No Extra Charge if Ordered with Bars

Monster Profile 4 Hole
Front Pivot Plates

(Plates Only)

Designed for Ford, GM and DODGE
3/4  & 1 ton trucks

Front Spring Eye Type:
- Standard Eye
- Mid Eye

Price: $75.00/ Set
Mono Spring for a Chevy Application with a 2" wide leaf spring 55-57 Chevy

Ride Height:
- Stock Ride Height
- -1" drop
- -2" drop
- -3" drop

Price: $call/ Pair
62-65 Ford Fairlane Front Hanger Kit

Price: $200.00/ Pair
Chevy Truck Front Hanger Kit

Fits Available Years:
- 1988 - 1998
- 1999 - Current

Price: $200.00/ Pair
Grade 5 - 1/2" diameter
Complete with washers and nuts

Available Sizes:
- 2.5"
- 2.75"
- 3"
- 3.25"

Price: $39.00/ Set

Square U-Bolts
Grade 5 - 9/16" diameter
Complete with washers and nuts

Available Sizes:
- 2.5"
- 3"

Price: $50.00/ Set

Pinion Shims
Billet aluminum pinion shims

Available Sizes:
- 2 degree
- 4 degree

Price: $20.00/ Pair


Spring Clamps

For 2.5" multi-leafs

Price: $12.00/ Set of 4


SP-1 Spacer Kit

4 GM Multi 1/2 inch spacers



SP-3 Spacer Kit

2 GM Mono 1/4 inch spacers

Price: $19.00


HD Spring perches

Available Sizes:

- 2.75"
- 3"
- 3.25"

Price: $39.00/ Set



Tremendous benefits can be realized when the CALTRAC traction bar system is installed on a leaf spring suspended Street or Strip car. CALTRAC traction bars and suspension products were developed to achieve specific goals to improve high power traction while staying within hard set NHRA and other sanctioning bodies parameters.

Each of the two CalTrac bar assemblies needed is comprised of three basic components:

1. Front Pivot

2. Force Transfer Link

3. Rear Mount

The combination of these components changes the pushing point on the car by redirecting the turning action (spring wrap-up) of the rear axle through the Force Transfer Link into the Front Pivot. The Front Pivot Spring Stop Bolt resists this turning motion and also controls the bending of the leaf spring at its thinnest section. The push into the Front Pivot helps the cars weight shift towards the rear of the car because of a new directed angle of force toward the front of the vehicle. (The "Instant Center" moves farther forward). This is where the system emulates a Four link system.
The pinion angle is also maintained. (See illustration)


1. The Front Pivot
Two steel plates sandwich the leaf spring sides. Two attach points in the plates provide the user with a selection in which the forward Force Transfer Link rod end can be located. A machined aluminum spring eye bushing and steel insert supports the front of the spring while allowing the plates to pivot. A spring stop bolt controls and restricts spring wrap-up. Spacers are provided for different vehicle applications that control clearances in the front spring eye pocket.

2. Force Transfer Link
This is a length of chromoly tubing with CNC machined threaded inserts TIG welded into each end. The front Insert is machined with right hand Threads and a HEX outer shape for Simple wrench adjustment of the Installed assembly. The rear insert is Left hand threaded. Opposite thread Styles at each end provide the means to easily lengthen or shorten the link for desired pre-load adjustment.

3. Rear Mount
A welded ¼" steel assembly replaces the original vehicles spring perch and incorporates the mounting provisions for the rear rod end of the Force Transfer Link.

CalTracs Split Monoleaf Springs

Calvert Racing, the company who introduced the CalTracs Two-link System is proud to announce our "Split-Leaf Mono" spring, an innovation in leaf spring technology. This revolutionary concept allows you to have the proper spring rate, and desired ride height for your high horsepower racecar or boulevard cruiser. Calvert Racing has provided 2-piece springs used by the last 5 World Champions in Stock Eliminator, now you can own these same proven springs.

These are not a replacement spring designed to be used on a totally stock application, but if you have a performance street rod or muscle car you'll be amazed at the ride quality and improved traction of these springs when combined with the CalTrac Bars and Calvert's new 9 way adjustable rear shocks.

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Installing the CALTRACS is very straightforward. Raise and support the car high enough to remove the rear tires. Allow adequate working space. Next, the rear spring assemblies should be removed. This will facilitate replacement of the front eye bushings. Support the rear end housing in place while the springs are out. This will eliminate the need to disconnect the drive shaft, brake lines etc. Press or have pressed, the original front eye bushing out of each spring assembly. Replace these with the machined aluminum CALTRACS bushings supplied in the kit. Now, reinstall the rear springs into the car.

With each spring assembly ready to go in, position the forward pivot assembly to the front spring eye. (Assure that the Spring Stop Bolt is located on the upper surface of the spring.) Install the Steel Bushing through the pivot and front spring eye bushing. Now, reinstall the spring using the original hardware. Repeat the process for the other side.

Lower the rear axle assembly on to the springs. Install the supplied spring perches as you would the stock items being replaced. Attach the shocks.

Now the Force Transfer Link can be installed by starting the HEX (wrenching) end on to the forward rod end. Remove the rear rod end from the spring perch and start its threads into the rear Force Transfer Link. Adjust the assembly to proper length by holding the rear rod end then rotating the Force Transfer Link until the rear rod end will line up with the mounting hole in the rear spring perch. Install the rear rod end fastener and secure.

With the CALTRACS installed and the rear tires reinstalled, lower the car to the ground. As an initial setting, turn the Force Transfer Link until the spring Stop Bolt just contacts the upper surface of the spring, then turn the Force Transfer Link one turn more to establish pre-load. Tighten the Force Transfer Link lock nut. That's it!

The following list is just a sampling of product in stock, hundreds of more applications are on the shelf ready to ship
68-74 AMX JAVELIN In Stock-We need to know if you have staggered shock mounts
68-74 AMX JAVELIN (staggered shocks) In Stock
55-57 CHEVY BELLAIRE (stock spring location or springs moved to inboard side of frame)
55-57 CHEVY BELLAIRE (springs moved in pocket kit, inside frame rail)
61-67 CHEVY II
67-69 CAMARO / 68-78 NOVA
70-81 CAMARO
CHRYSLER WITH 20" SPRING (all A-Bodies)  In Stock                                           $339.00
CHRYSLER WITH 22" SPRING  In Stock                                                                     $339.00
60-64 GALAXY (requires removal of lower brace at spring eye)
62-65 FAIRLANE- Requires a special Bushing add $25.00
 64-73 MUSTANG  In Stock
66-71 FAIRLANE In Stock
70-80 PINTO (needs either: 3" axle tube or 2½" perch width)

All Non-stock items can usually be shipped from the factory next day

In stock items shipped same day if ordered by noon PST.

How Much Power Can You Put to the Ground with CalTracs?


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On occasion we have product and shipping specials, to be sure you don't miss these opportunities subscribe to our mailing list.  Your information and privacy will be protected and respected and NEVER be sold or redistributed.



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