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Complete as much of this form as possible the more info we have the better we can dial in your carb fuel system and/or distributor.

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I would like to purchase a _________________

Car make
Car year
Weight with driver
Engine size
Approx HP and Tork
Tranny type Auto or Stick
Rear end ratio
Tire diameter in inches
Intake Manifold type single or dual plane
Carburetor size and type
Fuel Pump Size and type
Fuel line size
Regulator type
Idle RPM
Current distributor..Points, Pertronix, Jacobs or stock electronic?
Current initial timing
Current max timing
Head type  Iron or Aluminum
Cam duration at 50
Flat tappet or roller, Hyd or solid
Compression ratio
Fuel Octane level
Best ET
Best ¼ MPH
RPM at stripe on above run
Convertor stall
Convertor type
General elevation in your area
Do you have a traction problem?
Rear suspension description
Shift RPM
Launch RPM

A brief explanation of problems you have and what you expect from this purchase.

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