Customer Rides




Devin Meucci’s ’69 Charger was built by Extreme Metal and Paint. FBO systems built the 500-inch stroker wedge. The car was purchased from the second owner in ’93, and stolen in Jan. ’05 from a parking garage (prior to restoration.) It was recovered four weeks later in a chase with the Washington State Patrol.

This was an awesome project, trust me this car is a piece of art work, no detail overlooked.  The project will continue in February as we head for California Speedway to attack the 1/4 mile and the cone course with yours truly at the wheel.  Popular Hot Rodding will be on hand and the results will be published in an upcoming issue.

Another Winner!

Larry's Coronet:

I am almost done with the car. I got a 14 degree bushing for my MSD from FBO Systems, and set the initial at 22 and to my surprise it does not overheat. It still turns over good too with all of that initial. Here are a few pix I took a few minutes ago.