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Ford Y-Block Ready to Run Distributors

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Must be a 12 VOLT system.

 Ford Y-Block 272-312 1955 thru 1960's Thunderbird's all Cars and Trucks
Almost any Ford or Mercury Y-Block even the 368 Merc-We just need your core to build one.

This is a complete kit to convert your Classic Y-Block over to an Electronic Ignition System and still maintain the stock appearance
5 Year Workmanship Limited Warranty

Due to today's fuel formulations, your Y-Block requires you to use both Mechanical and Vacuum Advance. They are only capable of burning today's fuel by using both. We need to burn fuel efficiently to preserve our American Classics.
These distributors feature a lower bearing to stabilize the lower shaft and keep the shaft running true to the Ford blocks. No more points to change. Maintains original Ford finish for stock appearance. No Ballast resistor required. Simple 2 wire hook-up. No External Box! You'll have a dependable 40KV going to the plugs on demand to ignite and burn today's fuel.
Custom built stock appearing Y-Block distributor with Pertronix Ignitor III technology available only from FBO Ignition.
$599.00 + $200.00 Refundable Core Charge
(We Have to get the old ones back!)
This is a new fully setup phased & curved distributor, including a built-in REV limiter for safety, Multi-Spark throughout the entire RPM Range, and a matching Ignitor III Coil.
We set a Mechanical Advance curve and Vacuum Advance Limiters for optimal fuel economy and performance. Whether your Y-Block is stock or a performance application. We can set it up for you.

Available only from FBO Ignition. Your source for quality ignition products
This distributor upgrades your classic Ford Y-Block ignition into a reliable eletronic ignition, enabling it to achieve good fuel economy and performance on modern fuel formulations.
We've designed a distributor using today's technology that fits in your Y-Block with no body modifications and connects simply with two wires. Simple, Efficient, Reliable, and easy to install with outstanding results that you'll hear, see and feel.
Our distributor compared to other billet distributors on the market:
These distributors are not an off the shelf "one size fits all" each one is custom built considering all elements in the setup & curve to not only fit your Y-Block, but optimize the performance of your engine. To make sure everything is correct, we take the time to rigorously test every distributor we build. Because this is a custom built product that requires time in our machine shop please allow at least 10-14 days to ship.


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Tech Notes

Early Y-Block distributors were vacuum only units referred to as Load-o-matic. These distributors  picked up a vacuum signal from the carburetor and varied advance based on engine demand. The Load-o-matic distributors will not work with modified or OEM stock engines! Usually the early distributors have metal tags to identify the part number. When the cap is removed the advance springs are visible. These distributors were used from 1954-1956. 1956 4bbl. cars used a dual diaphragm advance unit. 

Beginning in 1957 centrifugal advance was added. The body of the distributor is thicker and the springs are no longer visible with the cap removed. The rotor can be turned and will then spring back to it's static position. Part numbers are stamped into the body . These distributors used a full diameter breaker plate which rotates on ball bearings. The vacuum advance arm is straight. Points, cap and rotor will not interchange with the '54-'56 distributors.

About 1959 the ball bearing breaker plate was replaced with a hinged plate which pivots on a single pin. The vacuum advance arm is curved. These units use the same points, cap and rotor as the '57-'59 units and later 289-302.

12127 is the identifier for a distributor. The last two digits indicate actual application.  Only Y-blocks use a 14 tooth distributor gear.

YEARS                      PART NUMBER

1957-59                    FEK  or  FEH          12127     Ball bearing breaker plate

1959                          B9AF  or B9TF       12127     Hinged breaker plate

1960                          C0AF  or C0TF      12127                  "

1961                          C1AF  or  C1TF     12127                  "

1962                          C2AF  or C2TF      12127                  "

1963                          C3TF                       12127                   "

1964                          C3TF                       12127                   "

Late and service replacement distributors use the 289 style triangular body with o-ring seal.

Not all of these numbers may actually exist.

FIRING ORDER 1-5-4-8-6-3-7-2

Passenger side 1234

Drivers side       5678

MSD 83831 Compared to FBO Y-Block Ignition System:

MSD-As Listed at Summit


FBO Y-Block


Part # 83831 MSD Distributor that fits some Y-Blocks without beating the firewall seam with a hammer.


No Coil-No Set-up

Non-Adjustable vacuum Can!



Complete Ignition System with coil and FREE Shipping

Custom curved to your application.

MSD R2R # 8383 1 Year warranty from Summit


No Coil-No Set-up

Non-Adjustable vacuum Can!


The FBO YB-1 System is Ready to Run Blueprinted to your application with a fully adjustable Vacuum Can. For Non-Emissions Vehicles Coil Included

5 Year Warranty

Trigger Style:  Magnetic Hall Effect trigger  
Advance type Mechanical (It's also got an emissions style vac advance but they don't mention its NON-Adjustable Mechanical and Adjustable Non-Emissions Vacuum Canister Both Mechanical and Vacuum advance set-up with positive stops
Cap Style Male Pin Type/HEI -MSD Only Black Female Ford Cap
Brass contact Black cap/rotor


Period Correct Female cap available at any auto parts store anywhere.
Mechanical Tach Drive No No  
Cap Color Red Various from Auto Parts store. Just Always use any Brass Contact Cap for early Ford application. Black Cap and standard Ford Rotor
Housing material Billet As Cast OEM style Keeping that stock appearance
Marine Use No No  
Dimension Height 7.562 motor to top of cap

May hit firewall seam on '57-'59 full size cars, modification of firewall may be required.
6.75 motor deck to top of cap

Standard Ford OEM diameter cap and body

Nearly 7/8" of an inch shorter than MSD. No Clearance issues. Will fit in 55-57 T-Birds!
Ignition box required YES- Rewire for 6AL CD Ignition Box No Box Needed - Pertronix Ignitor III technology R2R with simple 2 wire hook-up
TECH NOTE This distributor is 9.187" from block deck to top of cap.
Cap Diameter 4.110"
At Hold Down 5.0"

Check your clearance.....
"Size Does Matter"
This distributor is 6.750 from block deck to top of cap

Cap OD is 3.990

Custom Curve and Phased Not Available from MSD. Fully custom Curved/Phased to your specs with mechanical and vacuum advance limiters installed.  
REV Limiter Yes YES: integrated in the PTX III module. A ccurate to +/- 50 RPM.  Easily adjustable We set the rev limiter as part of our set-up service.
Adjustable Vac Canister No Included Adjusted and limiters set properly
Adaptive dwell NO Yes Adjusts to slew rate
Start Sensor Technology NO Yes, reads RPM and increases dwell time to boost cranking Voltage by 30-50%-Quick clean starts everytime  
Multi Spark Only to 3000 RPM with 6AL box Yes Full Multi Spark System  

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