Trans Brake-Line Lock 2 Step Wiring

Try This, if your using a light duty switch go to the bottom to see how to wire in a Relay

When you need to back up turn ON the Launch Switch, leave the Line Loc OFF, push down the button and it'll engage the Transbrake and go into reverse.


You'll need two standard ON/OFF switches


1 Marked LINE LOC

1 Marked LAUNCH


Into the water box and turn On Line Loc, hold down button, burn out and release button to roll out.


To Stage: Turn Line Loc and Trans Brake switch ON, stage the car, then push the button which will turn on the Line Loc and the Transbrake.


Mash the gas to the floor, let go of the button on 3rd yellow and everything should release.



If your button switch is small its going to be carrying the whole load so you should have a relay.



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