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Second Strike

Ignition Supplement

Pertronix Second Strike is the only ignition system to provide a powerful second spark throughout the entire RPM range.


Other multiple spark discharge systems typically revert to one spark at about 3000 RPM. The “Second Strike” is a microcontroller based ignition supplement that works with most inductive type systems (FBO HR688 and A688, GM HEI, Chrysler ECU, Ford TFI and Duraspark, Ignitor and Ignitor II). Following the primary spark, the Second Strike delivers a powerful capacitive discharge second spark resulting in more complete combustion.


At very high RPM’s the increased burn time can reduce misfires resulting in more peak horsepower and torque.

Second Strike’s unique crank angle offset (CAO) feature gives you tunability that no other box has. Simply turn the dial and change the time, in crank angle degrees, that the second spark occurs. A wide range of adjustment

gives you the flexibility to find which CAO works best for your engine.


The integrated digital rev limiter features easy to use rotary switches that adjust the RPM limit to an ultra fine resolution of 100 RPMs, eliminating the need for old resistor style pills or chips. Proprietary algorithms provide

superior control of rev limit and a rapid response time to over rev events, preventing engine failure.


Easy installation with a simple five wire hookup and detailed instructions. No special distributor or ignition coil are required.


• Only system to provide a second spark throughout the RPM range.
• Powerful CD second spark resulting in more complete combustion.
• Increased burn time increases horsepower and torque at high RPMs.
• Unique (CAO) feature adjusts the timing delay of the second spark.
Built-in digital rev limiter with high resolution.
• Digital rotary switches allow easy quick adjustments.
• Adaptive voltage feature prevents overdriving the ignition coil.
• Voltage protection prevents damage from reversed polarity.
• Tachometer output with TTL interface and near 50% duty cycle make
our limiters compatible with most modern tachometers.
• Legal in all 50 states and Canada. (C.A.R.B. E.O. #D-57-22)
• Limited One Year Warranty.

TYPICAL MULTI-SPARK CD SYSTEM ABOVE 3000 RPM will only fire the plug ONCE.

SECOND STRIKE ABOVE 3000 RPM will fire the Plug Twice

Description Part No.  Second Strike 500 $299.00

Application Notes:
• For 4, 6 and 8 cylinder even fire engines with single
coil inductive ignition system
• 12 Volt negative ground
• Not for use on computer controlled vehicles




REV Limiter

Pertronix digital rev limiters work with any 4, 6 or 8 cylinder engine using OEM Style electronic (FBO HR Ignition, GM HEI, Ford, Chrysler) or aftermarket inductive type ignition systems including FBO Systems HR688 and the A688 ECU's.

This digital microcontroller based unit provides a much greater accuracy (+/-0.01%) over analog systems. There is no need for old resistor style pills or chips, our easy to use rotary switches adjust the RPM limit to an ultra fine resolution of 100 RPMs. Random spark stealing method provides superior control of rev limits and a rapid response time to over rev limit events, preventing engine failure.

Once the established RPM limit is reached, random spark stealing starts within one spark, reducing plug fouling common with repetitive stealing type limiters. Rev limiters come with multiple analog filters and one digital filter to prevent coil noise interference from affecting the established rev limit.

Installation is a snap with a four wire hookup and easy to understand instructions. The rev limiter's small size permits installation in even the most crowded engine compartment.



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