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Molnar Crankshafts are 4340 steel, core hardened and tempered to reduce stress and optimize tensile strength. The crankshafts are made with a nitrating process for hardening rather than induction heat treated. This eliminates any softening between the journals and any post running deformation.

Forged and Billet 4340 Steel Crankshafts. Material properties are closely monitored for optimum performance. Counterweight placements designed for improved crankshaft performance. .125" fillet radii. Nitrated for improved bearing life. Straight hole oiling system for better lubrication. Size tolerances held to +/- .0001.

Molnar crankshafts also feature straight oil holes for the best oiling to the rod journals to insure you get the best crank for your money. Each Molnar crankshaft is magnetic particle inspected and held to a maximum tolerance of .0002 journal dimension. Counterweights are placed for optimal load reduction and ease of balancing making less work for you or your builder.

Molnar Connecting Rods are offered in two different types, made from Forged 4340 Steel and Billet 4340 Steel. Proprietary bolts produced by ARP to Molnar specification have asymmetrical threads to equally load each thread when under pressure. Connecting rods are shot peened for improved fatigue life and are finished in the USA using our state of the art Sunnen hones to exact specs.

The rods have double bridged caps to reduce housing bore distortion and there is no ridge between the blades acting as a stress riser. Rods are weight-matched to +/- 1 gram and boxed with the individual rotating, reciprocating, and total weights conveniently noted for balancing. A special wrist pin bushing material is also used with these assemblies offering friction reduction.

Know who your buying from!


Tom Molnar was the Metallurgist and engineer for Oliver Rods and Cranks for over 20 years.

When you purchase a Molnar Technologies product you can be assured that the integrity and stringent quality demands of the Performance Industry are not only met, but far exceeded.

Molnar Technologies was founded and is still Managed by Tom Molnar, Tom spent 25 years as the Metallurgist and Engineer for Oliver Rods and Cranks.  Tom brings to Molnar Technologies all that knowledge, experience and expertise from his very successful career at Oliver with even more development and engineering in his design and metallurgy.  You can be assured that the quality of Molnar products is never and will never be compromised.






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2016 Madras Drag Strip- Pro Champion,

2016 Madras Drag Strip- King of the Track

2011 Oregon State Pro Bracket Champion

2010 Coos Bay Pro Bracket Champion

2006 Mopars at the Strip Pro Champion-Las Vegas

2005 Madras Drag Strip Pro Champion

Final 5, Division 6 ROC Seattle Washington 2012

Final 8-Division 6 ROC Boise Idaho 2011

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Decals left to right: Aerospace Brakes, Aerospace Fuel pumps, Aerospace Water pumps, Aerospace EVAC system, Daytona-Sensors CD1 Pro Ignition, SM Ceramic Lifters, Cometic Engine Gaskets, Molnar Technologies Rods and Crank

No free rides on this car if you see the decal, parts are enclosed.