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Latest update 8.3.11

Barry Grant Demon, Holley, Pro-form,  Quick-Fuel and most other modular Carbs

Problem: Fuel aeration or foaming in the bowls:  This is caused by the typical needle and seat (designed in the 50's) spraying fuel into the top of the bowl causing the fuel to foam.  It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that this will cause the float to become unstable and bounce around changing the fuel curve as well as pre-emulsifying the fuel in the bowl rather than in the circuit where it can be controlled by the air bleeds.

Solution: Our new Bottom Feeder Needle and Seats put the fuel into the bottom of the bowl virtually eliminating all foaming of the fuel.  End result, a solid stable fuel load in the bowl and a steady float level bringing even more consistency to your ET's.

At 8 PSI

Note how the fuel is foaming in the bowl with a conventional Holley style needle and seat.

Clean solid fuel with the "CARP" Needle & Seat.

Ask any NASCAR or ProStock Team what N&S they use.


Look at the fuel in the left bowl                                                                Compare to the right bowl

Which do you think will deliver more consistent ET's??

Do you want to WIN Races or practice loading your car?

The Bottom Feeder "Carp" Needle and Seat


Conventional style Top Loader

A standard  .110 N/S  will flow about 189 pounds per hour at 3 PSI the "Carp" .120 (Standard Upgrade) will flow 239 pounds per hour at 3 psi.  You've got a good high volume pump and now you can utilize the pumps full capacity........$49.95/pr.

Problem: Fuel slosh,  another aggravating problem that causes ET's to vary as you go down the 1320.  The fuel being delivered into the bowls under pressure colliding with the float , bumps in the track, a little steering correction G-force and those big square floats raise hell with the fuel level in the bowls.

Solution: By using our winged or "V" shaped float in conjunction with our "Bottom Feeder" N/Seats and Jet Extensions these irregularities can be virtually eliminated.

Problem: G Forces,  Your hard launching drag race car leaves with huge G Forces pushing all the fuel away from the rear main jets.  This causes the back side of your engine to go dead lean, the engine stumbles until the fuel levels back out and begins to feed the back half of the carb again.  Try and dial that on your window. 

Solution: By using our encapsulated jet extensions (Meaning the jet actually holds the extension in the metering block), as the fuel tries to escape from the jet, the extensions are still deep into the bowl, resulting in no launch lean out and stumble caused by a fuel curve drop.

(Image coming soon)


NEVER Stick Gaskets:


Click for larger image

Stamped from M-15 Fiber material exclusively for FBO Systems from our design.  This material will NOT Stick Ever, won't tear and leak.  Change jets in your modular type carb after every pass or every lap, you'll never miss a round or a lap because of the low grade factory gaskets sticking, tearing or leaking bowl or metering block gaskets. 

Check out the metering block main circuit passage in Fig. 2, note the design, now look at your current gasket you'll notice that the gasket covers a portion of the feed hole.  Now look at the way our FBO gaskets are cut to allow full fuel flow to the booster. 

Now Available for most Modular Carburetors


                                        It's a Simple Investment for Success



Hard copy version of our 47 page book "Tuning to Win"



Spiral Bound Hard Copy $20.00 USA-Email Version $10.00 Worldwide


Tuning to Win Email $10.00

Hard Copy $20.00

Bottom Feeder Needle & Sears $49.95 Pair
V-Floats $50.00 Pair
Throttle and return spring bracket $89.00

Black only

Other colors special order

Jet plates Blank $19.95

Loaded $39.95

22 Jets 60-70, 70-80, 80-90, 90-100

Dual Feed Kit from FBO available in Black Only

With Carb purchase $49.00

Without Carb purchase $69.00

The Dual Line Kit is for Electric High Volume Pumps that require a regulator for Big HP applications.

Shown with Quick-Fuel Reg

Fittings- Regulator outlet O-ring adaptors, Oring inlet adaptor and -8 or 10 hose end

Dual Line Kit with Carb $59.00

Dual line Kit without Carb purchase $79.00

With Carb - All Fittings and Gauge $91.00

No Carb - All Fittings and Gauge $111.00

Quick Fuel 500 GPH free flow Filter 30-7007


Quick-Fuel Billet Regulator

Uses -08 O-ring outlets and inlets

Regulator only $82.00

Regulator with 3 O-ring adaptors $107.00

Gauge $18.00

Aerospace 2 port Regulator with all O-ring fittings and 0-15 gauge As shown with black fittings and gauge $179.00

No fittings or gauge $119.00

Aerospace 4 port Regulator with all (5) O-Ring fittings and

0-15 gauge


No Fittings $195.00


Made in the USA!

Hose and fittings

100% Made in USA




The Final Round 2006 ....  Left lane Wins  11.21 on a 11.20 dial .021 light, FBO Fuel System.

National Dragster 12/23/11 issue - Page 81

Ask Frank Garrett of Bend Oregon:

First 9 races of 2007 I went 26 rounds in 6 race events...$900.00!

Since FBO Upgraded my 850 Mighty Demon I've gone 26 rounds in 6 races with 3 WINS and pocketed over $900.00 in Winnings, moved from 16th place to second at my home track, Won the Mopar Nat's at Woodburn, National Dragster Challenge (I got a Wally!) and secured a spot in the "Race of Champions" at Div. Finals in September.

Best $200.00 I've ever spent on my car.

October 18, 2007

I can't tell you how Happy I am with this car and your FBO Ignition and the FBO carb upgrade.  As you know we runner up at our local track, the Cash Bash Win at Division 6 Finals (Big $$$$) and Rookie of the Year Honors at the banquet.  Thanks to you and the whole FBO Crew for flawless parts and solid coaching, it made my Rookie Year one I'll never forget.

If I had of left the 10.06 on the car like you told me I have no doubt I'd have won the Race of Champions and I'd be getting ready for Pomona...The car ran a 10.069 on the 10.04 dial and I lost by .016 just wouldn't run the 04 like I thought, again you were right.....but I'm still a Happy loser.




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