1986 Dodge Truck Conversion to FBO Ignition
and Non-Computor controlled FBO Stage 1 Distributor

1 Here is the old ECU location
on my 85 D150, you can just unplug it and tuck it away somewhere.  You can remove the the old ECU
and replace it with the FBO unit or you can re-mount the ECU in a more convenient location.  
Just be sure wherever  you mount the ECU it is GROUNDED.  No ground no fire.

2   The existing blue wire from the
 harness and the new blue from the box get spliced together and plugged into one side of ballast resistor.

3  The brown wire from the ECU goes to the negative
 Terminal of the coil.

3  The red wire is in the harness on the
passenger side near the back of the Manifold and goes to the positive side of the coil.  The old coil was located
up on the manifold where it's too hot, we like to see you move the coil over to the fender where it's cooler.
This means you'll have to splice in a chunk of wire to get the power over to the coil.

Green wire with the red tracer is not used, just tape it off.

 These two wires, brown and gray have
the plug on them that plugs directly into the Distributor.  Your all done turn the key and set the timing.

If you run a tach hook it up Green tach wire to (-) Negative side of the coil.

If you have any trouble with setting up the distributor go here and read this tech article:

How to install a distributor

Of course this illegal and we don't suggest that you ever attempt to bypass the Emissions Controls System of your
20 year old truck or car so that it will actually run properly as that would be illegal.

We're just showing you here that it can be done pretty easily for a Off Road or industrial refit on a tree chipper, boat or something.