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Diamond continues to add more SB Mopar Stroker Pistons by adding a line of 318 Mopar Pistons for the ever popular 4 inch crankshaft. We are now offering a .030 over Flat Top and Dish piston as Shelf Stock Ready to Ship NOW. 

  • 451 stroker pistons SHELF STOCK

  • 440 Pistons SHELF STOCK

  • 383 Stroker Pistons SHELF STOCK- NEW

  • 340 stroker and stock pistons now SHELF STOCK

  • 318 stroker pistons-SHELF STOCK- NEW


Stewart Warner Gauges


Check out the New Shift lights!

4 shift program, recall with built in digital tach.

SpinTech Mufflers 

Now offering Oval tubing to get that ground clearance. 

The best performing, best sounding, toughest performance muffler made!


Suspension Kits


Put some bite in your tires.

CalTracs WORK!

Bolt them on and pick up 20% better traction

On Sale $319.95 


Voted One Of the

Top Ten Products of 2005


Rocker Arm 


Perfect by Design

There is No better performing Mopar Rocker Arm made.

1.6-1.5 Combo Ratio 

BB and SB

Check out the features!

Cranks and Rods

Mopar Stroker Cranks are now available BB & SB

CompStar Rods

Call for info 

Racer Brown Cams 

Designing and Grinding the BEST Mopar Cams 

Since 1948

Forget all the glossy ads and promises, get back to basics and build some real PROVEN Power!



The Ultimate Race & Street Converters for your Mopar.

Check out the NEW PIA Dual Pattern convertor.

Squeeze the loud peddle & it'll lock at 2800, Hammer on it and it'll flash to 3600!

The BEST of Both Worlds NO MORE Compromises!

Now Available

FBO Fuel Pumps

150 GPH to 400 GPH

Continuous Duty


Call for info on our new CnC Billet Products.



Mopar BB and SB 

Reusable Viton Rubber Over Stainless Gaskets


Front Covers-Water Pumps-Oil Pan

NO MORE Silicone!


Tubular K-Frames

for Early A-Body Mopars

Electric Cooling Fans

In Stock!


Universal Alum. Mechanical and Electric fan shroud kits.  From $65.00

DEMON Carb Re-Building Service





We Stock Most Mopar applications from .027 to .051 thickness

On Sale

SB $129.95

BB $139.95

Most sizes to .051 thickness

UPDATE- GM HEI Upgrades Rebuilding and Curving

Complete Suspension and Chassis Parts Now On-line

Parts & Kit's



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