Aerospace 250/350/400

Comp/Pro Street Fuel Pump

Drag Racings Premiere Electric Fuel Pump!


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Drag Racings Premiere Electric Fuel Pump!

*Designed for gasoline and alcohol engines producing 500-600 plus horsepower.
*A single AC-350 flows an excess of 350 GPH, yet draws less than 9.5 amps. 

* Its user friendly bypass valve quickly adjusts output pressure. 

*Can be used for Moderate Street Use

*Extremely quiet when compared to other high volume pumps Draws 9.5 amps

*Service Kits Available, no need to return to factory for annual maintenance.

*Sold Only by reputable full service Performance Dealers.

* And like all AEROSPACE COMPONENTS products, it is CNC machined from 6061 Billet       


* Externally adjustable bypass valve
* High torque armature bearings
* High carbon brushes for low amp draw
* Specifically designed seals for longevity

*Uses O-Ring inlet and outlet fittings for better sealing

*3/8 NPT to -08 return line fitting
* Protective Delrin wear ring
* Rebuildable body

*Set at 18 PSI for Street Duty and 21-23 PSI for Drag Racing



Description     Price

SS 250 Kit w/2port & 600 Filter


Ultra350 w/2port & 600 Filter


Ultra 400 w/2port & 600 Filter




Ultra350 w/4port & 600 Filter


Ultra 400 w/4port & 600 Filter

Complete fuel systems cell to carb      



*Parts readily available from Dealers Worldwide.

*User serviceable

*Simple to install most will be a direct bolt in replacement for BG Pumps

*Low Amperage draw

*Outstanding life expectancy

*Full Factory and dealer Technical back-up

*Website FAQ


*Made In the USA

By Skilled American Craftsmen

SS 250/ULTRA 350/COMP 400

  1. Fuel pump must be mounted equal to or below fuel tank/cell bottom.
  2. High flow fuel filter must be installed between fuel tank/cell and the fuel pump inlet or pump damage will occur
  3. The fuel pump must be plumbed with a minimum of #10an (-12 for Ultra400) line from the tank to the pump, then from the pump to the regulator drop 1 line size. You must use an #8 AN line for the bypass return to the tank. Line size to Carb should also drop 1 size from main feed line i.e.: 8 main line to -06 to carb.
  4. A 30 amp fuse and relay along with a minimum of #12 gauge X-link wire if under a 6 foot length and #10 X-Link if over 6 foot must be used with this pump for safety and proper operation. Your dealer should have the correct wire in stock.
  5. If there are new hoses installed in the fuel system, before running the pump or the car, the system needs to be flushed. The flushing process starts by unhooking the connection at the regulator inlet, while holding the line into a fuel safe container .Have a friend turn on the pump and run it until there is no more debris in the system. Next step is to reconnect the inlet to the regulator and unhook the lines at the carburetor and repeat the flushing process.
  6. Setting by-pass pressure is achieved by adjusting the brass screw that is next to the outlet side of the pump. Turning the screw clockwise raises the pressure and likewise counterclockwise lowers the pressure. Pressure is checked by having a gauge installed in the 1/8 NPT port on the pump. We recommend the non-liquid gauges like a Marsh Gauge. Pressure is adjusted while car is running and should be set between 15-25 PSI for the Ultra 350 and Comp 400 depending on HP and length of line from pump to regulator the SS 250 should be set between 10-16 PSI.
  7. To achieve optimum consistency always use the shortest lines possible from the regulator to the carb bowl fittings. Always use correct AN style Hi-Flow hose ends and route the main line correctly, if your not sure please call.
  8. To get the longest life from your fuel system everything must be plumbed correctly and to manufactures spec on line sizing and types of fittings used, there is no place a brass or cast fitting will work in your fuel system.
  9. Be sure you understand how AN, NPT and O-Ring fittings seal, use only correct sealers on fittings as applicable.  Teflon Tape is NOT an approved sealer for fuel systems!
  10. Any questions or your not sure please call us @ 541-942-5920 M-F 6:00 AM 4:00 PM PST.  The only dumb question is the one not asked.


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