About FBO Systems?

We are a 100% Loyal-to-Source Made in America distributor of a very few high quality parts.

We will not sell or distribute any part made in China or any of it's Republics that has been plagiarized from known American Technology or of known poor quality.

We will not re-box or re-label any product to disguise it's offshore origin.  If it's a good product and happens to Made in Taiwan and not copied from an American design we may offer it but it will state it clearly in the product description it's country of origin.

A "Certificate of Origin" is available on request for Export on any and all products we manufacture or distribute.

From concept to engineering and manufacturing, without exception we stand fast on our imported product policy's.

All FBO branded Ignition Products are Made in America. The UPC coded labels are only for American Made FBO Products.

Products we choose to sell and distribute are selected by Quality, Factory Support and Personal Experience and we install and use everything we sell.

We don't and won't sell thousand of parts, we'll leave that to the mail order houses, we do offer what we feel is the best products for the application and we work hard with our exclusive suppliers to continually develop new product and improve existing ones.

You Are Our Customer, our Most Valuable Asset

We'll do whatever it takes to keep you as a customer and give you the customer service and quality products that you deserve and should expect from any quality supplier.


Don Gould, Owner and Founder



Who is Don Gould?

NHRA Note Book 09.09.01 Div 6 finals...."Sunday morning, Gould and his crew, gladly handed over $300 to each of the three tracks Jr. Dragster Program, who were no doubt very thankful for the contribution"

Current-Cottage Grove Kiwanis Member, Elk's Lodge, Chamber of Commerce Chili Cook-Off Champion (and Founder), Retired Drag Racer.

1983-1995, 9 Sprint Car Track Championships from Texas to Oregon

2001 Woodburn Drag Strip Mopar Nationals Champion

2004 Madras Drag Strip Team Spirit Award

2005 Madras Drag Strip Pro Class Champion

2006 Bremerton Wa., MOPAR Nationals PRO Bracket Champion

2006 Mopars at the Strip, Las Vegas Pro Bracket Champion

2006 Rich Davis Memorial Award-tireless devotion to the track and his teammates.

2009 Cottage Grove Elk's Lodge "Volunteer of the Year"

2010 Coos Bay Pro Bracket Track Champion

2011 Oregon State Pro bracket Champion

2012 Cottage Grove Elk's Lodge "Volunteer of the Year"

2016 Madras Drag Strip Pro Champion

2017 Madras Drag Strip Pro Runner Up

5 Wally's-3 Track Championships-State Champion-Dedicated to Our Community-Philanthropist

FBO Systems, it's Intellectual Property and product lines are FOR SALE, It's time to retire.