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Our New HRR688 Mopar Ignition Kit with integral REV Limiter is a direct plug and play system for any Mopar Electronic Ignition system.


Ignition Tech Available


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The Facts on Our Mopar Electronic Ignition kits:

The FBO Mopar Electronic Ignition HRR688 kit will outperform any stock appearing Mopar Ignition system available on the market today, Bar NONE!

Our Mopar Ignition kit is a direct plug and play system for any Mopar Electronic Ignition using a single pick-up magnetic trigger system.

It will perform flawlessly to 7000 RPM.

It will not retard the engine timing up to 7000 RPM

It will not skip or drop cylinders up to 7000 RPM

It will give you well over twice the output of a stock Mopar Electronic Ignition system at cranking RPM and all through the power band. Under full load it will produce 38,000 Volts to the plugs.

Fully Assembled in the USA.

No Ballast Resistor Required



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 Resto Regulators are now available $32.00
Click here for more info



What does FBO Mean?

Actually we started out as Fuel - Brake and Oiling Systems supplying parts and doing plumbing on mostly on Dirt track cars.  Since 1982 we have evolved from Dirt cars to include street/strip, Drag Cars and tuning Resto Muscle Cars.  

Will it work on my race car?
Yes, many guy's are having success with our ignition system in 9 and 10 second cars with bigger cams and higher compression, the only reason we don't recommend this is our system does not at this time have a built in rev limiter or a multi spark under 3000 RPM like our CD1 and CD1-Pro ignition systems.  Big cams produce very low cylinder pressure because of bleed off caused by valve overlap at low RPM and some may need a multi spark system to help ignite the fuel.  


Will it work with the old points style voltage regulator?

The chances of you burning out the ECU are very likely if you stay with points type Voltage Regulation. When the power spikes it will burn at a specific spot on the internal circuit board and we will not warranty the ECU.  You must convert the car to Electronic Voltage regulation.  Regulator Upgrades Here

What if a component fails?
Any stock component from a auto parts store will work with the other components, however the ignition will not be up to full potential and the likely hood of that off the shelf component failing is very high.  Order a replacement component as soon as possible from a dealer near you.

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What about warranty?
If the HRR688 ECU or Coil should fail within 2 years from date of purchase, return it to the nearest dealer and it will be replaced at No Charge.
This is the absolute best warranty on Electrical Parts in the industry.

I'm switching from points to Electronic distributor, what else will I need?
We also have the conversion wiring harness available as an individual item, wiring diagrams are in the tech section.  You'll also need to convert to a electronic Voltage Regulator VR-1 Restoration Style.  looks like a 60's works like a 2012.

We also offer a complete line of custom curved, phased,  NEW Mopar distributors from the early Hemi up to the 426 Monster, Early Poly 318's, Wedgies, and all LA engines. Check out our full page on Ignition.

I have a new cap can I order just the ECU and Coil?
We recommend anything  the Standard Motor Products Blue Streak HD Caps and Rotors. they are sold as a kit, we do have individual component pricing but it will cost you more buying it that way. *All FBO Mopar distributor caps are TAN in Color and made by SMP to our spec.

If your cap has aluminum contacts in it, this system will melt down the contacts and rotor and you'll be sitting on the side of the road, put on the good stuff and throw the other stuff in the trunk for spares.

Note: All FBO Components are designed to run as a complete package, using any other component will reduce the efficiency of this system and Void your warranty.  The coil and ballast are critical to maximum performance do not substitute other parts and expect the system to operate correctly.

Will this system replace my MSD?
In most cases the MSD System is way more ignition that you really need, the HRR System is a Bracket Racer, Street Car and Muscle Car ignition system.  We designed it to be a stock appearing highly efficient system for those who don't want a big red box on the fender and don't want to rewire their cars.  We like to see it teamed up with no more than about 12.5:1 compression, 254 Duration at 50 and RPM in the 5000 to 7500 RPM range.  We do have guy's test running this system in cars that run in the 9-10 second area with great success but there comes a point where the cylinder pressure is so low at Idle that you will need a Multi spark system to get  the fuel to fire, if that's the case then we recommend the CD-1 or CD Pro-Bracket CD Ignition system over the MSD. Call to be sure this system is correct for your application

Does it have REV Limiter?
The HRR system has an externally adjustable REV Limiter, NOW Avalable.

What does HRR688 mean?
The 688 is NHRA number of our 66 Barracuda, The HRR is Hot Rod w/Rev Limiter

Why is this system so cheap?
It's priced fair and reasonable based on cost of product, profit margin and a little to pay me back for the 1 1/2 years I worked on the R&D to get it right, I'd rather die poor and have every Mopar in the World running perfectly than die rich with only 1/2 the job done. Although rich does sound good these days.....

I have a MSD 6AL and Blaster 2 Coil, will this be an improvement?
Probably no difference, depends on what your trying to achieve with your ignition system. The Crane HI-6 and MSD are OK for a specific application but if you need data Logging, multiple Rev Limiters and ancillary device control go with the Daytona CD1 or CD-Pro.  These are usually overkill for any street application or mild bracket race application and you'll probably see virtually no difference in performance if you switch from a Crane or MSD and use the HRR688 Kit.  Team it up with one of our custom curved distributors and in most cases you'll see a BIG improvement over the Universal Fit (Means it fits nothing in the Universe) Factory curve of your MSD Distributor.   

One of the biggest benefits of the FBO Ignition system is the ability to quickly swap in any stock or Auto Parts store replacement component to get you home....

Reliability...No Tow Trucks!


Who uses these Components?  
Anyone who wants the absolute best performance from a stock appearing ignition system.
Bracket Racers who don't want or need to spend $600+ on a CD Ignition system and billet housing distributor.  MSD just uses Ford style pick-up and reluctor design.  Cruiser cars that want optimum performance and reliability combined with emergency off the shelf replacement parts.
If you own a Mopar with Electronic ignition then this system will provide you optimum performance on almost any street drivable Mopar.

HEI Users...Beware of the $99.00- $159.00 GM HEI's

They're just a cheap Chinese import POS and totally worthless we will not work on them.  The thrust will wear quickly, eat up the housing and dump shavings in your motor.  The timing will jump 12-15* around 5500 RPM and over advance your engine, the shaft and gears wear very quickly and dump more metal into your engine. 

These Distributors can and will destroy your engine!!!!

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From Stock to Full Up Race Cars-FBO Products Get the Job Done RIGHT!

Race Cars, Stock Street Cars, Slant 6 engines, F.A.S.T. cars, Boats, Nissan 260 Z cars,  Upgrade for Ford DuraSpark system, Tree Chippers, HD Generators, small cap GM cars....just a few of the many applications we've installed the A688 system on.  If you have a distributor that generates a pulse or trigger signal you can probably run this system.  All it requires is a 12V power source and a .5V signal. 1 through 10 cylinders it only reads the trigger signal.



FBO Ignition Warranty Information



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