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We analyze your engine specifications and supply the correct size, series and correct air bleeds in every carburetor to ensure you receive a carburetor that bolts on and runs with very little tuning.

Do ANY alternative suppliers do this or even know how?

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As always we will be available to assist you in fine tuning your new Quick-Fuel carburetor. 6am to 4pm Pacific time Mon-Fri.

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Plumbing components and kits to complete your installation.

Dual Feed & Line kit Dual Feed Kit with Billet Filter and Supply line


Universal -06 Supply Line Kit Supply line kit w/filter 3/8 NPT/6AN Adaptor For Fuel Pump


Dual Feed Kit

Carb supply lines only


Throttle Bracket Combination throttle cable and return spring



Dual Feed & Line kit with Lifetime Billet Filter $139.00


Supply Line Kit W/Lifetime Billet Filter $99.95


Dual feed Kit $49.95


PRP Combo Throttle and return spring bracket $89.00

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