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Cometic Custom Ford Head Gaskets on Sale

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Custom Cut bore sizes at .027, .030, .036, .040, .045 and .051 thick, other thickness' to .120 available with surcharge

V-8 Special Big Block & Small Block

Most Small Block Ford
55.00 a pair

Most Big Block Ford

$165.00 a pair


Over 200 Set's IN STOCK!

MLS Header Gaskets Now Available for Most Head Applications

Ordering Info

We will need the following info to order your head gaskets


Finished Engine Bore

Head Type

Compressed Thickness


If you need help in calculating the compression ratio we'll also need:

    Deck height on the pistons


    Valve relief's in CC's

    Desired C/R

    Combustion chamber size

MLS (Multi Layer Steel) HEAD GASKETS  

MLS gaskets are a multi layer steel gasket consisting of 3 layers of embossed steel for superior sealing ability with all aluminum, steel to aluminum or steel to steel applications.

MLS gaskets are bore specific, no longer do you have to settle for a 4.200 bore for your 4.00 bore size.

MLS gaskets are available in thickness' of .025, .027, .030, .036, .040, .043, .045, .054, .067, .078, .120

Most Race type series head gaskets also available

Copper head gaskets also available in specific bore size and in .005, .010, .016,  .020, .027, .032, .043, .050, .080, .094 thickness.

Copper-MLS and Armour clad exhaust collector gaskets also available

Viton Valve stems seal now available

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6am to 4pm PST

Installation Instructions

Cometic MLS gaskets install just as an old obsolete composite material gasket.
Be sure the head and deck surfaces are machined to an adequate finish as detailed above.
We recommend using a couple of light coats of Permatex Coppercoat to ensure a good water seal.
If any water seepage should occur allow the engine to heat cycle a few times, most likely it will seal itself once the gaskets form to the head and deck.  If it continues to seep add a can of Justice Brothers Radiator Pepper Based Sealer Part # RSL/2 about $7.00 to the cooling system.
Tork to bolt manufacturers specifications, re-tork should not be required with aftermarket ARP bolts or studs.

ARP, Justice Bros., Permatex, Coppercoat are registered trade marks and used for reference purposes only and recommended by FBO based on personal experience working with this product.

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