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Most Domestic V8 Head Gaskets SB $155.00  BB $165.00/PAIR!

Engine Gasket Technology

Are you still relying on a paper gasket and a tube of silicone gooped onto
your engine gaskets and expecting them to seal?

Climb out from under that shade tree and join us here in 2011, there's a better way!

Cometic Gasket  of Ohio has broken the mold of the traditional engine gasket, they've created a vast array of new and positive seal gasket materials for engine builders that
make the composite paper materials as obsolete as a hand crank starters and Leaded 105 Pump Gas.

Along with there vast line of MLS Head Gaskets  they have used the combined technology of Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Viton Rubber and Aramid Fiber to create a far superior full line of engine sealers.

AFM...Aluminum Foamed Material, for Water Pump, Front Cover, thermostat housing and any other machined surface sealing tasks.  The gasket is composed of  Aluminum or Stainless Steel sheet stock with a chemically foamed Viton Rubber compound molded to both surfaces.  This gasket requires NO Silicone sealers of any kind and has a 80% recovery after compression, yup you guessed it....Re-Usable!

Available in .018, .032, .045 and .060, thick ...no more gobs of silicone all over the front cover of your engine or even worse chunks clogging up the oil passages and oil filter..... clean, professional with superior sealing.

Aramid Fiber....They build suspension bridges from this stuff!  Using a stranded form of Aramid fiber they actually used it in Malaysia to build a 11 mile long suspension bridge, stronger than steel cables, rust resistant and impervious to the elements of nature this high tech composite has found a home in today's automotive industry.  
We have stepped out of the box and developed a whole line of exclusive Aramid fiber gaskets for the performance industry that Cometic cuts specifically and exclusively for FBO Systems.  Our Aramid Fiber 3/16"  4 and 1 hole carb gaskets offer superior heat insulating properties, extended venturi length and superior sealing properties to conventional paper gaskets and can be used over and over.

Our exclusive 3/16 Aramid Fiber Valve Cover Gaskets for nearly all domestic applications are the toughest in the industry.  We've stacked and glued them together with Right-Stuff to get rocker arm clearance, cleaned them with brake clean, lacquer thinner and race gas.   After 6 years of abuse and running the valves every other week mine are still perfect and seal like new.  If you have a machined cylinder head and a quality cast or fabricated valve cover then this is the gasket for you, this may be the last V/C gaskets you'll ever buy.

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