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Installing the CALTRACS is very straightforward. Raise and support the car high enough to remove the rear tires. Allow adequate working space. Next, the rear spring assemblies should be removed. This will facilitate replacement of the front eye bushings. Support the rear end housing in place while the springs are out. This will eliminate the need to disconnect the drive shaft, brake lines etc. Press or have pressed, the original front eye bushing out of each spring assembly. Replace these with the machined aluminum CALTRACS bushings supplied in the kit. Now, reinstall the rear springs into the car.

With each spring assembly ready to go in, position the forward pivot assembly to the front spring eye. (Assure that the Spring Stop Bolt is located on the upper surface of the spring.) Install the Steel Bushing through the pivot and front spring eye bushing. Now, reinstall the spring using the original hardware. Repeat the process for the other side. Lower the rear axle assembly on to the springs. Install the supplied spring perches as you would the stock items being replaced. Attach the shocks.

Now the Force Transfer Link can be installed by starting the HEX (wrenching) end on to the forward rod end. Remove the rear rod end from the spring perch and start its threads into the rear Force Transfer Link. Adjust the assembly to proper length by holding the rear rod end then rotating the Force Transfer Link until the rear rod end will line up with the mounting hole in the rear spring perch. Install the rear rod end fastener and secure.  With the CALTRACS installed and the rear tires reinstalled, lower the car to the ground and put the drivers weight in the car be sure there is no pre-load on the bars. As an initial setting, turn the Force Transfer Link until the spring Stop Bolt just contacts the upper surface of the spring, then turn the Force Transfer Link one quarter turn more to establish pre-load. Tighten the Force Transfer Link lock nut. That's it!



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