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250 Fuel Pump     $299
350 Fuel Pump     $309
400 Fuel Pump     $379
Pressure Regulators       $129
Fuel Filters       $109



360* Water Necks

*swivels a full 360*

*6061 Billet

*fits most manifolds

*AN -12 or push fit

*Standard Cap

*O-Ring sealed

*Will not fit Magnums


Water Neck as Shown

With AN -12

With -04 AN Overflow



No X Charge

Remote Water Pump

Shown without remote housing


*Inlet -12

*Outlet -10 (2)

*Mounts Vertical or Horizontal

*37 GPM

*4 Amp Draw





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Barry Grant Fuel Pump Exchange Program

"Give me your Tired, Old, Leaking, Unserviceable Fuel Pump"

and we'll give you up to


Your Old BG 220-280-400 Fuel System is Worth Up To $125

Trade in Credit

On the purchase of a New

Aerospace 250-350 or 400 Fuel Delivery System


Description Price Trade In Credit NET TO YOU

SS 250 Kit w/2port &

600 Filter

$513.00 BG220 Credit $50.00 $463.00

Ultra350 w/2port &

600 Filter

$524.00 BG280 Credit $100.00 $424.00

Ultra 400 w/2port &

600 Filter

$613.00 BG400 Credit $100.00 $513.00

SS 250 Kit w/4port &

600 Filter

$597.00 BG220 Credit $100.00 $497.00

Ultra350 w/4port &

600 Filter

$608.00 BG280 Credit $100.00 $508.00

Ultra 400 w/4port &

600 Filter

$697.00 BG400 Credit $100.00 $597.00

We Will Also Credit You and additional $25.00

if you send in your old BG5000 Filter


*Parts readily available from Dealers Worldwide.

*User serviceable

*Simple to install most will be a direct bolt in replacement for BG Pumps

*Low Amperage draw

*Outstanding life expectancy

*Full Factory and dealer Technical back-up

*Website FAQ

*Racer support through the "King of the Track" programs at your local track.

*Made In the USA By Skilled American Craftsmen


Prices WILL increase on March 1st any orders placed after Feb 28th will be subject to new pricing

Lets face it guys, BG was a great company but it's history, a great American Product that has been ravaged by the economic times.  You're going to have to upgrade at some point do you want to wait until the final round on race day and have your pump puking fuel all over the starting line? 

Can you even buy parts for BG pumps, regulators or filters?

It's like a Black & White TV, Obsolete and Un-repairable, time to step up and get a color set.

****All pumps and filters sent in for credit must be complete and assembled, no credit for pumps that have been torn down modified or damaged.  The pump must run, leakers, growlers, seized motors, chewed up pump rotors and veins are OK but they must try and run when power is applied.  If the motor is burned up deduct $25 from Credit.  Stripped threads or cracked main body's not accepted.

***Credits will be issued only to the credit card used for the purchase.  When pump arrives it will be checked out and qualified for Credit.  All credits issued within 48 hours of receiving pump, or pump returned to customer if not qualified.

SS 250/ULTRA 350/COMP 400

  1. Fuel pump must be mounted equal to or below fuel tank/cell bottom.
  2. High flow fuel filter must be installed between fuel tank/cell and the fuel pump inlet or pump damage will occur
  3. The fuel pump must be plumbed with a minimum of #10an (-12 for Ultra400) line from the tank to the pump, then from the pump to the regulator drop 1 line size. You must use an #8 AN line for the bypass return to the tank. Line size to Carb should also drop 1 size from main feed line i.e.: 8 main line to -06 to carb.
  4. A 30 amp fuse and relay along with a minimum of #12 gauge X-link wire if under a 6 foot length and #10 X-Link if over 6 foot must be used with this pump for safety and proper operation. Your dealer should have the correct wire in stock.
  5. If there are new hoses installed in the fuel system, before running the pump or the car, the system needs to be flushed. The flushing process starts by unhooking the connection at the regulator inlet, while holding the line into a fuel safe container .Have a friend turn on the pump and run it until there is no more debris in the system. Next step is to reconnect the inlet to the regulator and unhook the lines at the carburetor and repeat the flushing process.
  6. Setting by-pass pressure is achieved by adjusting the brass screw that is next to the outlet side of the pump. Turning the screw clockwise raises the pressure and likewise counterclockwise lowers the pressure. Pressure is checked by having a gauge installed in the 1/8 NPT port on the pump. We recommend the non-liquid gauges like a Marsh Gauge. Pressure is adjusted while car is running and should be set between 15-25 PSI for the Ultra 350 and Comp 400 depending on HP and length of line from pump to regulator the SS 250 should be set between 10-16 PSI.
  7. To achieve optimum consistency always use the shortest lines possible from the regulator to the carb bowl fittings. Always use correct AN style Hi-Flow hose ends and route the main line correctly, if your not sure please call.
  8. To get the longest life from your fuel system everything must be plumbed correctly and to manufactures spec on line sizing and types of fittings used, there is no place a brass or cast fitting will work in your fuel system.
  9. Be sure you understand how AN, NPT and O-Ring fittings seal, use only correct sealers on fittings as applicable.  Teflon Tape is NOT an approved sealer for fuel systems!
  10. Any questions or your not sure please call us @ 541-942-5920 M-F 6:00 AM 4:00 PM PST.  The only dumb question is the one not asked.


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